Let's build something together
Craft applications & Build solutions is our way to contribute positively to your IT
We are a bunch of technical experts who design solutions that we then craft ourselves (or help you craft), with up-to-date concepts and technologies, making our builds robust, stable and efficient. Our time is yours when it comes to starting a new project or helping you in giving one a new turn. We are serious about providing you with the best service and best advice to match your requirements. Of course, we know our market well and what's trending, but the most important is to get to know you and what moves you.
But then, maybe there is one of products you could be interested in. Our range might mainly be niche-oriented, but underneath they prove two of our main points : the high standards of our builds and the fact that we are here to stay.
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High quality and finished work by top-notch experts is what we have to offer. And this formed our moto.
"Get the job done properly"


We offer a large range of services (well sort of) ...

We have been working in IT services for nearly 20 years for customers of all sorts : from large highly organised companies offering widely spread infrastuctures, to small - yet purely dedicated - businesses deployed on complex niche markets.
Whatever you may need, our experience, gathered knowledge and kind manners will help us understand your requirements, adjust to these and state the proper and sized solutions.
Don't forget that we are an IT company though, so we are focusing on what we do best in order to offer quality work.
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... with great conviction and total dedication

We're proud enough to say that we offer what we believe is quality services with total dedication, yet in a very a different manner. That is, if you are looking for acute technical support, keen development skills with cutting-edge technologies, built-to-order architectures, or simply higher level IT construction consulting ... then you have come to the right place. But never count us on to be arrogant or condescending. We defend our position as knowledgeable skilled engineers working for your IT's optimisation.
You are unique and come with real projects or issues. We give a lot of credit to all of your requirements and expectations and what better way to respect these than being honest with you ?

How we do this ?

Many years spent working for the biggest IT service providers in Europe have sharpened our skills and learned us what are projects, software, and IT systems of all kinds and sizes.
Our proceeding is simple, yet so efficient : we simply listen to what you say and focus on your requirements to design and build the solutions that suit your business and actually help you in running it.
Sounds odd ? Well it should not. We offer great listening aptitudes, pay attention to what drives your requirements and show real interest in your business and environment. What better way to hit the target ?


We do also have a small - yet growing - range of products

Building products has always been one of Geared Mind's core activity. So not only do we develop our own solutions, we also know what being a supportive software provider is. We actually try to produce crucial informations to bring :
  • Visibility in the form of a road map
  • Long term support and feedback
  • Consideration to whatever direction you would like our products to improve

Customers & Partners

We're working hard for them everyday

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We're standing strong by them whenever they need us

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Get to know us

Success stories

Fancy a chat about what are the best solutions we have been building in the last couple of years or the best stories on how we proved helpful ? Let's have a beer session then and bear with us while we dig into our memories to relate epic tales of working in such different fields as healthcare and defense, transforming their cryptographic systems or developing a geographical security engine.
Of course the session will be on us ;)
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Where you may find us

We like to hang around in our customers' offices crushing bugs, learning and teaching new technologies or starting new ideas.
But we have other time consuming hobbies, so from time to time we like to recharge our mojo diving deep into them. In that case, you may try to find us on our favourite
  • basket ball basketball playgrounds eager to relive our amateur careers
  • helmet race tracks melting rubber and scratching our knee pads
In any case, feel free to join in. We like to share our passions, as you might have observed by now.

Want to drop us a line ?

Your best bet is to contact Jerome by visiting his LinkedIn profile. He's the most experienced of us all, while still being so easy to speak with and accessible. A quick chat with him will prove that your ideas matter and your project has wings.