Hosted demo


We started a new project last month … A quick digression before we head back to the main topic : have you ever wondered when exactly a project starts ? For some it’s when the first line of code is written. Others consider it’s on the design phase or as early as the first pre-sales meeting. Anyway, back to the main story.

So we started this new project for a new key customer and decided we would show him early on how his application is being built. After the pre-sales phase, for which we had worked on a demo, we put the latter online and started to work developing new features. Thanks to our properly tooled continuous deployment platform, what is now an application is automatically built, deployed and hosted on our remote servers.

But whatever the tools, the idea is of course to let the customer see the application early and grow while we work on it. We are giving him the opportunity to play with it on the early phases of development and give his feedback sooner.